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From: M D
Date: 2001-05-14 18:18:00 UTC
Subject: swollen vulva

Our baby is 5 years old and had adrenal gland disease about 6 months
ago. She was operated on had her left gland (the easy one) removed
and has been very healthy. This week however, we found that she has
had a swollen vulva. The research that we've done indicates that
this a symptom only of adrenal gland disease. She has no other
signs that we know of related to the disease - no fur loss, no
scratching, no lethargy, etc. although she has been licking her
vulva quite a bit. Is it possible that she would have the adrenal
gland disease again in the other gland? Can it be removed? If so,
would she need some kind of hormone replacement? Is there any other
possible cause? We will take her to a vet that specializes in small
animals although we find them to be very vague in their answers as
well as possible treatments. In the mean time is there anything we
can do? Thank you for whatever help you can give.

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