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From: Russell Prater
Date: 2001-05-14 18:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Insulinoma -I need ANSWERS!

aishathewarrior@y... wrote:
> I just joined this list today while searching for information on
> insulinoma. My vet told me this morning that my ferret, mael's
> bloodwork showed what possibly could be insulinoma. I cant find any
> information on this!!! Does anyone know where I can get information
> on treatments and options? I'm being told that mael only has 6-12
> months, possibly, to live WITH both surgery and medication! With a
> glucose level of 29 I am terrified! I've had ferrets since the
> summer of 1996 and this is the first time (thankfully!) that they
> have gotten sick. In case it helps, mael is five years old this
> summer.

Go to They have a series of FAQs and some
of them are on insulinoma. Also (or .com i'm not
sure which) has a lot of data on it.

Russ, Booger, Bonnie & Clyde