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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-14 20:01:00 UTC
Subject: Another New Experience

Just when I think I've seen it all with ferrets, I
do believe that I may now have a little girl in
heat. She's a rescue that I got tonight. She
came from a feed store and I was told she was
badly neglected and in awful housing. She
certainly doesn't look it. She is short and
stocky, not your typical "farm" ferret. She is a
sable with lots of yellowing. Grooming and a bath
will come tomorrow. Her vulva is large (1/2 the
size of a that big?). Since there is
no evidence of hair loss or other adrenal
symptoms, I'm guessing she may be in heat. Her
fur is gorgeous, much like Dillon, another rescue
of mine, very long and thick and very, very soft.
She also has the same "v" on her face.

I let her out when she arrived and she ran and
bounced all over the house. I gave her some soup
which she liked but she was much too busy to stop
and eat. She is confined to quarters now and Da
Boyz (Cedes, Dillon, and Chester) have all checked
her out through the cage. I suspect she will end
up with them. None of them reacted negatively to
her. Champ and Lany don't take too well to
strangers. In fact, they beat the tar out of any
strange ferrets who dare cross their paths.

I haven't isolated her in another part of the
house. As I said several weeks ago, I'm not so
sure that quarantining in the same house
accomplishes much. ECE hit here a good 3 weeks
after Dillon and Chester arrived. Anyway, I hope
all will be OK.

I guess it's too late to ask questions of the List
as I'll be taking her to the vet in the a.m. I'm
certain she's never had a vaccination before. I'm
curious how they'll determine whether she's in
heat or pregnant (does the vulva remain swollen?)
or in the early stages of adrenal. Guess I'll
find out. I'll pass on whatever info I get.

I suspect she will stay here....#6. I swore I
wouldn't take any more in but, once I hear about a
bad situation, I can't rest until I have them in
my hands. Then, I don't want to let them go. Oh
well. Guess I'll just work a few more years....

I think I'll name her Emma.