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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-14 23:07:00 UTC
Subject: Re: vaccine question for the vets please

Thanks to a dear and knowledgeable friend I learned a bit
more about this. He said that he has heard the amputation
aspect mentioned in relation to cats, not ferrets. Different
species, different concerns...

My understanding that they are given in the hind leg, so
that if there is any sign of cancer due to the vaccine the
whole leg can be amputated.

I suspect it's safe to assume that this is one of those
rumors that get going; I expect that you'll hear a lot back
on this and can pass it on to whomever said that to you.

If I am not mistaken, the hind leg is a good place to find a
large muscle mass if one wants to give an injection into
muscle tissue, just like how little human kids are more
likely to get those in the rear rather than in their arms
which are still too scrawny.