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From: Ferretworld
Date: 2001-05-15 03:10:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Advice sought on oral cyst or tumor

My ferret Pip developed something similar and I thought "Oh no, tumour". I
took him to our vet who said that it might be but we'd take a sample and
have a biopsy done. 48 hours of nerve racking time slowly passed by waiting
for the results which turned out to be blocked salivary gland. The cyst was
full of saliva. I had them drained and now, 6 months later, Pip is fine and
no re-occurence. Panic over! This may be an answer to your question,
Melissa, but a vet must always look at any lumps or cysts. Hope everything
turns out OK.
From Simon and the Ten at Ferretworld.
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Sent: Monday, May 14, 2001 7:23 PM

> I was wondering if anyone had experience with oral cysts or tumors and if
> so, if he or she would share it with me.
> I have a 4 year old MF female ferret who developed an approximately 1.5 mm
> (diameter)cyst on the left side of her mouth, on the lower, outer
> (cheek-facing) gumline; the cyst/tumor is smooth, painful (she fights
> letting me see it and cries when another ferret bumps her face), the same
> color as her gums, extends out approximately 1 mm, and is on the level of
> her teeth, and developed in the last week. I noticed it Thursday, but
> teeth every few days as she is prone to tartar build-up.
> She is still eating plenty of kibble, albeit on the right side of her
> Since Saturday, her stool has varied from voluminous, unformed and beige
> scant and green to nearly normal.
> Her medical history includes spleenectomy, symptomatic for adrenal disease
> for almost 2 years (surgery was attempted and deemed too risky), she gets
> ml of Arimidex orally per day via syringe (For the adrenal problem - she
> not do well on Lupron), and for the last 2 weeks, ending Friday, she has
> been on antibiotic for possible proliferative bowel (I want to say
> but in tablet form, as she is very difficult to medicate.)
> My thoughts are that I possibly injured her gum while giving the oral meds
> by bumping it with the syringe (but if so, why hasn't it gotten better by
> now?) or that she has developed squamous cell carcinoma. I must say that
> am not hopeful.
> We are going to the vet tonight, who at this point plans to excise and
> biopsy as much of the bump as possible, and cauterize the surrounding
> tissue. This won't take place until mid-morning tomorrow.
> Advice or comments welcome
> Thanks very much,
> Melissa
> Mishka, Buttons & Brenna
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