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From: Pat Andrews
Date: 2001-05-13 08:21:00 UTC
Subject: leukemia in ferrets and family health issues

I guess the rarity of leukemia in ferrets depends on who you
talk to and where you live. I personally know two people who
lost ferrets to leukemia, one last summer and one whose
devoted owner kept her alive for a year with her awesome
nursing skills. Since one of the cases was diagnosed by one of
the vets who frequents this list <<<>>> I have no doubts of
the legitimacy of that diagnoses.
I'ts truly a heartbreaking to have ferrets diagnosed w/
diseases that can only be offered support care (such as ADV
and leukemia) and eventually, assistance to the rainbow
bridge. All we can do is love them and keep doing research.
Little Eponine, whose health issues were discussed in passing
at Ferrets 2000 is now suffering from very loose bowel
movements. She is now eating on her own (after 3 months of
force feeding) and has graciously decided that ProPlan is for
the birds and is now chowing down on my shelter mix that
includes several high quality ferret foods and kitten chows.
The watery stools are the color of infant baby poop. Is there
anything I can do for her here at home to help firm up her
stools? And, if this is definitely a vet situation, what can I
ask the vet to test for and medicate with?
In the meantime, my heart and soul, my Tess...the 45# ferret
toy is still around. Her insulinoma does not respond to pred,
and surgery failed her, I've arranged to go into the office in
the morning and work at home in the afternoon, which enables
me to treat her frequent hypoglycemia attacks and seizures
early, hopefully preventing another grand mal seizure.
Keep us all in your list of those needing healing thoughts...
Pat and the Furry Inspirations. missing Sonny and worrying
about Tess

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