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From: Diana Ashton
Date: 2001-05-15 08:31:00 UTC
Subject: ear infection

I have a ferret that I took in to the vet 12 days ago because he stoped eating and had a huge crusty discharge in his right ear. The vet cleaned out his ear and did a swab. It was loaded with white blood cells so he was put on batril twice a day and baytril drops in the ear twice a day as well. I started immediately but the first day to get both doses was Friday the 4th. Today is the 15 and as of this morning he still has tons of discharge out of that ear and while he is eating normally again, I am not sure what to do next. I called the vet yesterday and she was going to run the blood that they took from him to see if that would shed any light on what was up but I have never had a problem with batril taking so long to kick in an infection. I was hoping to place him last weekend but with the advent of the infection I had to call the woman who wanted him and tell her the until we got this issue cleared up, I was not going to release him.

Diana and the Ferret Farm