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Date: 2001-05-15 08:47:00 UTC
Subject: (no subject)

Hi everybody (Dr.Williams)

Still waiting to hear some info. on Bandit's condition. In the meantime I
have been researching some products to purchase from Revival for Bandit and
wondered if anyone could comment on their effectivness, proper dosage to give
or if not a good idea to administer at all.

The following are the products I was thinking of purchasing:

Colloidal Silver- (In case Bandit has bacteria in his system that is causing
the seedy and mucousy stools)

Endosorb Suspension-(for simple diarhea)

Prozyme-(To help digest foods again Bandit has seedy stools a sign of
undigested food)

Felovite II (or better known as Taurine Supplements)
Bandit does not eat kibble and primarily gets baby food with baby cereal rice
mixed in and sometimes mix a/d in there too. So the only taurine he's
getting is in a very small amount when i give him the a/d.


This comes in a powder packet but also contains 9%protein, 65% glucose,
2-2.1% Potassium and 13-14% sodium chloride.
Let me know if this one is okay or can you suggest another one.

Dental Care/ CH Gauard LA- This is a long acting gel that suppose to clean
the teeth.
any other reccomendations-please are welcome
Bandit's breath has been fowl and his teeth look like they could use some

Also another product for diarhea was Diarhea Control Gel
ever heard of it??

Bandit has had the shakes or tremors alot lately-it seems to happen when just
waking up but I don't remember it ever being this bad. I always thought it
was normal behavior until I noticed my new kit "Feifal" does not do this.

Also I noticed a callus or little ball on the bottom of Bandit's foot pad (it
looks like a calluse-hard little dry looking) it doesn't seem to bother him.
I also noticed on his elbows of his arms hair loss-like the areas that he
generally lays on. Any ideas could this be serious. My vet reccomeded Epsom
Salt Soak for the lump on his foot pad.

Any suggestions here.

Thanks so much