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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-15 16:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Another New Experience

Just got home with Emma, my new rescue. She is
indeed in heat. That was the best of the things
it could have been. Doc stimulated her to
ovulate. He said her vulva should shrink within a
week or so and then we can spay her. There are no
signs of pregnancy. She appears quite young and
he thinks this may be her first heat.

She checked out just fine. Seems to be very
healthy. No mites, parasites, worms, etc.
Started her vaccinations. I left her at the vet
all day because I forgot to pre-dose her and I
don't like to leave them alone after their

Tansy wrote:
<Only 6...what are you complaining about?<g><

I know you're just kidding but I consider this a
serious subject. I have long had a practice that
I don't have more animals than I can afford to
take care of. I never want to be in a position of
denying care because I have too many animals.
Last year alone, I spent right at $4,000 on my
ferrets at the vets' office (chemo, surgeries,
routine vaccinations, etc.). I'm at close to
$2,000 this year already. They can be very
expensive little critters. Because we make pretty
decent incomes, I don't feel like I make
sacrifices for them and I don't want to ever be in
a position to feel that way, because then I might
start to resent them. I see too many posts on the
lists where ferrets are being denied the "best"
medical treatment because of cost. I don't want
to have to make that decision. I'm also raising
14 baby opossums right now. They can run into a
good bit of money too. They sure do eat a lot
<g>. Last year, I raised over 40 so I have to
consider those costs also.

Enough about that. I'll give Emma a couple of
days and then introduce her to Da Boyz.

She got her nails clipped and her ears cleaned a
while ago. Bath a little later.