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From: Stewart
Date: 2001-05-15 16:49:00 UTC
Subject: Marlow's vet visit, he has heartworms - RE: New Rescues

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow up to my post about my new ferrets. We took Marlow
to the vet yesterday and got his results today. He is testing
positive for the heartworm antigen, a confirmatory test is being done.
The doc is going to put him on 1 mL prednisone per day and a standard
preventive treatment (revolution). I wasn't with my wife when she
picked him up so I didn't get to ask any questions, but I am guessing
the revolution is to prevent any increase in his worm burden? I know
that the revolution doesn't effect the adult worms already present,
but kills or prevents the development of the microfilaria into
adults. If anyone has any experience with ferrets that have had
heartworms I would appreciate any info that you would like to
contribute. I want to do everything I can to maximize his quality of
life for as long as I can.