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From: Stewart
Date: 2001-05-15 17:00:00 UTC
Subject: Re: New rescues and a couple of problems

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "TANSY" <Tansy@p...> wrote:
Hi Tansy,

> [TANSY] Like to hear what it turns out to be.

It's bad news in my opinion, he has heartworms. See my follow-up
post-Marlow's vet visit.

> [TANSY] Oh dear...and it's so damn hard not to laugh when the
little girls
> kick butt and take names...

Yeah, but it is horrific to watch your alpha go down like a wet

> [TANSY] Can you get her her own hammock?

She has her own hammock now and still prefers Gizmo's, imagine that.

> [T ANSY] Um Gizmo probably is depressed. With luck he will get
over it but
> needs LOTS of TLC and watch closely for signs of ulcer. They may
> become friends, but probably will at least learn to tolerate each
> other...hopefully...If it's any conselation, I too own a Gizmo who
hates 90%
> of the ferrets he meets...Might also try passing out group Nutrical
if they
> like it, so can lick it off each other.

Gizmo is getting lots of attention from both my wife and I in this
trying time. I think the tensions are starting to ease just a
little. There was a little play going on yesterday morning, even
though it ended in a fight. This time Gizmo actually fought back.

<Gizmo> "Can't we all just get along"