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Date: 2001-05-15 13:45:00 UTC
Subject: Thank you / Chronic Active Lymphocytic...??

I want to thank everyone that wrote me about an enlarged
After seeing that he fit all the symptoms and the severity of
letting it go
too long, i made an appointment for the first available
surgery day..

Thank you soo much!

During the procedure, a splenic tumor was discovered, they
removed the spleen
and biopsied it and a section of the liver.
It was discovered that he has:
chronic active lymphocytic portal hepatitis.
At least that is what it sounded like the vet said on the
answering machine.
He says we should treat at suture removal.
I have a call into him now, but I was wondering if anyone has
this or if any of the vets could shed some light on this
Prognosis? Will it effect his lifestyle? I'm lost since I
can't seem to find
much online about it...
Thank you for any input you can give...

Meagan Quinn