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From: Tracey Greene
Date: 2001-05-15 18:25:00 UTC
Subject: a question for the vets?


I work for a vet clinic and have a ferret that has presented us with some
puzzling stuff and wondered if I could get some input. I noticed a couple
of weeks ago a slightly swollen vulva on my 3.5 year old female Mitzi. We
decided to draw some blood and send out an adrenal panel to Tennessee. We
also checked some blood chemistries at work and they came back normal. Her
urinalysis came back with some traces of blood and some strange looking
white cells, so we put her on Clavamox drops for a week and decided to
recheck at that time. By that time the Tennessee panel came back and her
values on that were:

Estradiol 91.9 (normal range 30-180)
17-hydroxyprogesterone less than .03 (normal 0-0.8)
Androstenedione 16.4 (normal 0-15)

The Androstenedione was re-run and came back the same. A call is in to one
of the doctors up there to give his interpretation and we are awaiting him.

Meanwhile, the second urinalysis came back still with a slight trace of
blood, and still some funky white cells and she was on Clavamox for a few
more days and we will probably be re-checking that again. Her vulva still
looks about the same size to me.

I have noticed that she doesn't seem to be the pushover she was when I
first brought her home this past December from a shelter, but that could
also be that she's settled into our group more and feels more confident,
but I mention that also in case her behavior changes could be relevant.

So, an early case of adrenal? Weird urinary tract infection? Otherwise
she's eating fine, pooping fine, active.

Thanks for any ideas/input!