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Date: 2001-05-15 17:28:00 UTC
Subject: Hair loss on back feet

hi I have a female ferret 3 1/2 y/o, I got her April 1, had her at
the vet
April 2 for shots and check up and to get some thing for her
sneezing trouble
but all was fine, but 3 weeks a go I notenss she was losing her
hair on her
back feet up to her little anckels for the past week they start to
become a
bright reddish pink and cold to the touch not warm are the lite
pink as the
front I knew some thing was wrong and she been more itchy then the 2
boys, I
took her to the vet Monday 14 the vet think its a skin virus so
started her
on prednisone 1 mg 1 tab x 5 then 1 every other day x 10 days and
she also
gave me Cefadroxil 5 ml x 2 for her sneezing trouble.she was on
chlorpheniramine 1/8 capsule x 2 but it didn't help her. what would
coz the
back feet to lose hair and change from light pink to a bright
reddish pink,
today her back feet are a lite pink again and warm to the touch, but
back to vet in 10 days for check up and if the med did not help her
vet was
going to do blood work and do a skin scrap to send to lab , she
might have it
done any so I know nothing more is going on with her.