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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-05-16 08:29:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Help..Sick ferret ECE, Adrenal
Disease, possible Insulanoma

"What is the teeth grinding? He
also no longer likes the other ferrets to bother him. Megan did the
teeth grinding, isolated herself from the other ferrets was eating
and went to sleep and died. She was treated for ulcers, had adrenal
disease along with the ECE. She never recovered. I fear for Josh's
life and don't know what else to do. I'm afraid he will continue to
decline as well and die. PLEASE HELP!!! He is under Vet care but I
was hoping for some more advice. Maybe there is something more I can
do but don't know about. Is someone still trying to find a way to
treat ECE? Haven't heard much lately.

Angie "

I am not Dr. Williams, but I will answer some of your questions from
what I have read here. The teeth grinding is from nausea,
and if you are concerned with ulcers, you could start the Carafate ( do a
search in the archives about it).
I had my group get ECE, and only one did poorly, so I was lucky.
He lost weight and was having yucky poops, nausea for about
6 weeks. However, 7 months is a bit long. He may have damage to
the intestines from the ECE and inflammation there, but the ECE virus
is gone. It is supportive care and treating the damage at this point.
If he is at risk for dehydrating because he won't drink enough, you
may consider subQ fluids, if he is drinking, but not eating well maybe
add a high calorie supplement like Dyne or STAT- just wait and see
the other responses because it may be too "rich" for him to
Did you try to warm the baby food ( chicken, lamb, or other meat?),
and put some on his nose, mouth
a few times so that he will have to try it? It may take a few tries to
get him to eat. However, if he is eating other food and not losing
weight then you may not want to stress him too much.
Other thoughts, if it is insulinoma he may do better on the prednisone
check the glucose again and if still low, consider treating.
I am sure blood work was done with two surgeries, post the results of CBC
the glucose, chemistry, albumin and globulin levels, along with the
results of
the biopsy once it is back. If nothing else can be found maybe
have the stool checked for parasites, just to be sure.

Lastly, search the archives about ECE, grinding teeth, and anything
else you can think of and read all the posts, it will help a lot.

Good luck,
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