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From: Bonnie
Date: 2001-05-16 07:40:00 UTC
Subject: Okay to have Ivermectin shot the day before Rabies &
Distemper Booster?

We adopted 3 fuzzies about a month ago. Roxie has developed a list
to the left and tends to run in circles (again to the left). Took
her into our regular vet to check for ear infection. Dx is major ear
mite problem. She had her first shot of ivermectin last night. Vet
is dropping by Friday to give ivermectin to other 5 ferrets and 2
George (one of the other new ferrets) is scheduled to have his Rabies
and Distemper boosters on Saturday (by a different vet who uses
Galaxy). My question is, will the ivermectin affect him having these
boosters? Should we put off having the boosters done? If so, how
Many thanks in advance.