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From: Bruce Gaylord
Date: 2001-05-16 10:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Lupron Depot (4 month)

---web address for Dr. Weiss on Lupron and the dosage and compounding
company phone number----

>Troy Lynn
>Is this the 2mg dose? If so, a cost of $100 is indeed a good price, and >I
>know my vet (and I!) would be very interested.
>Russell Prater Have you checked with the compounding pharmasist that Dr.
>recommends in the article on Lupron on his site?
Lupron® is so new that no one yet knows the lowest dosage we can use to
reverse all symptoms. The dosage I have found to be the most effective so
far is 2000/mcg (2/mg) of the 4-month depot, or 500/mcg of the 1-month
Again, you can have your veterinarian buy a 1-ferret dose of the 4-month
Lupron® depot from Professional Arts Pharmacy. The telephone number is
1-800-832-9285. There may be other pharmacies that offer this service but
this is the one with which I’ve worked.

Charles A. Weiss, DVM

My personal question is how many mg are in the 4 month Lupron? 8 mg total?
or more? just curious.....
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