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Date: 2001-05-16 11:05:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Poop

Hi, I have nto posted to this list yet, but I have been on others.
I know
ferrets poop can be not normal sometimes and it is usually not a big
but about 2 months ago my male, Connor got the runs. It took about
3 days to
figure out it wash im and not one of the girls. Then it started to
bloody. I took him to the vet because I got very nervous. He
htought that
he just had colonits (I think) and it was no big deal. The blood
was due to
the fact that there are blood vessels near the surface and they
(something like that). Anyway he was on Flagyl for 5 days and when
stopped, on the 6th day, he was 100% fine.
Well, it is happening again. Sometimes I think it is because he
eats too
much of his sisters babyfood and it starts the cycle of mucous water
They are gross! and stink!! Anyway, they are becoming brown again,
seems to be the step that it followed last time with meds (I took
him off
baby food for now - he doesn't need it it is just a treat when his
gets it) He has not gotten any meds - but I think he is losing
weight which I
think he did last time too. Anwyay, is this soemthign that I shoudl
worried about. IT has been about 5 days already. He is not
dehydrated. Is
there anythign else I can do for him until his little bowels calm

Amy Winnie, Chloe and Connor

Amy Isenberg
Assitant Environmental Health Specialist
(845) 364-3475