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Date: 2001-05-16 13:08:00 UTC
Subject: Urgent Bandit needs help again


Urgent Post!

It's Bandit again, this time I noticed his breathing sounds belabored. Every
two seconds he breaths heavily out of his nostrils and his whole body seems
to rise....I can hear him breathing and it sounds like we would sound if you
blow air out of you're nose with you're mouth closed. He had trouble
earlier-he sounded as if he had a hair caught in his throat and kept licking
his chops and making funny noises. I gave him laxatone and also gave him
VETRX I hope I gave it to him right. I put 2 small drops in each nostril, I
wasn't sure by the directions if it should go inside the nose or on the
outside of nostril *Help*
I really rely on you're advice I have little faith in my vet and am in the
process of seeking out a new one. Bandit was just to the vet and he said his
heart sounded fine and all bloodwork came out normal.

Could this be a heart problem or lymphoma?? Dr. Williams what should I have
Bandit checked for?

Thanks and sorry to take up so much time