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From: Barb Mitchell
Date: 2001-05-16 18:37:00 UTC
Subject: My Little One

I know how you all feel about your Little Ones. This site has been a big
help in trying to figure out what my Little Bandit has. I took her to the
Vet and he suggested Exploratory Surgery. Which she had today May 16. It
was her Adrenal Gland. Only problem was when they went in there today. She
only had 1 of the Adrenal's. Which was the one on the right. He said he
could not take it and would not risk taking it with the Fear of nicking the
Vein. He said the size of the Adrenal was 1/2" X 1". So he put her back
together and I now have her home. He said it could be 6 months or even 2
years that she would be with us yet. Is their a easy way to give them
antibiotics from the dropper.. Laugh She has to take this for 2 weeks til
the stitches come out. I do enjoy reading the articles that have been
posted here. Thanks for your Time.

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