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From: Micaela
Date: 2001-02-28 01:01:00 UTC
Subject: Bones is gone...

My ferret Bones passed away Sunday night a little after
11pm. He was eight years old,& he was my first ferret. I got
him when he was just a kit, when I was 16 yrs old. Bones & I
have been through allot together, he gave me 8 years of love,
laughs, happiness & company. He loved to go outside on his
harness & snorkel in the grass. He loved plastics bags,
emptying purses (& curling up & sleeping in them) , he was the
champion of cup tipping- he could smell Mnt. Dew a mile away.
When he was about 2 his favorite game was to trap me in the
kitchen ( at the time it was just me & Bones in a little apt,)
run at me , jump as high up my legs as he could & slide down!
He knew I had nowhere to run!
He had been more active than usual this last month, showing
no signs of problems.He was out in the living room with me
he liked to be out of the ferret room & to run around the
house because he was always a free roam ferret (until ferret
math hit).
He suddenly started having problems walking Sunday , &
progressively got worse through the day, he would only eat
small amounts of the chicken baby food/ pedialyte. He perked
up a little for the ferretone ( his favorite) but didn't
really lick my hand clean like usual.
. He passed away in my arms. I was happy that I was
holding him , & that it didn't happen while I wasn't.
It took me a couple days to write this, I just couldn't find
the right words before, this is my first time to lose a
ferret, I've been with Bones longer than I ever had a pet
I will miss my Bones, & all the ferrets will miss him, they
have been looking for him, especially Snow.

~Sammy & Dito~
~missing Bones~