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From: Diana Ashton
Date: 2001-05-16 21:51:00 UTC
Subject: ear mite med query

I picked up a ferret from animal control yesterday that was scheduled to be put down. When I got him home I did the usual once over inspection and clipped nails. When I got to his ears I notived thick waxy deposite. (AARRGGHH) But when I tried to clean them I could not fit a q tip inside but there was some junk that I was ablr to get out. Yep, off to the vets this afternoon and she called back with that nasty word, MITES. We normally use injectable ivermectrine and that is what I asked for. My vet wanted me to ask those that maybe have a bit more experience with it if it is safe to use Revolution on ferrets. Without a definitive yes, she agreed with the ivermectrine but the question stands. Is revolution safe to use on ferrets?

On a positive note, Chances seems to be finally responding to the Batril for his ear infection. While there is still some fluid that I am cleaning out daily, it is not as bad as it was 3 days ago. I will keep him on the batril drops and the oral batril another 7 days unless it does not clear up at all, and in that case it is back to the vet.

Jinx had his cryo adrenal surgery on the right gland as well as his spleen removed and some nodules taken off his pancreas for byopsy but until we get a BG test we will continue the pred. He had already been sedated before she had the cahnce to pull blood. This is her second cryo adrenal surgery and the clinic that she works in is willing to buy the cryo gun for themselves instade of borrowing one from another clinic. The problem that they are having is access to medical grade liquid nitrogen. My vet said that Dr. Weiss's tape helped enormously.

Thank you so much for this list. It has helped both myself and my vet greatly and it is nice that it only deals with medical issues.

Diana and The Ferret Farm