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From: StarAngels
Date: 2001-05-16 22:57:00 UTC
Subject: update on Skinny Minny (Snowball)

Just wanted you to know that Snowy the ferret of many names LOL.. is doing
well.. she is eating up to 4 times a day (light hours when i see her) and
who know's how many times at night..she always has plenty to eat!.. her
tummy is not sunk in any more.. :) but she's still on the real thin
side..(duh!) :). but tonight we actually played and ran around without
falling or stumbling around!..
Thanks again for all the help I received here.. and the Kind notes.. Fuzzy
Licks and Kisses from Snowy Bandit and Lady to all of you and yours..

I just hope there's not ill effects down the road for this little one..