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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-17 03:03:00 UTC
Subject: Emma

I just got Emma a couple of a days ago. She's the
little rescue that was taken from a feed store and
we have determined she is in heat. Doc stimulated
her to ovulate and we will get her spayed as soon
as the vulvular swelling goes down (a week or so).

Dr. Williams wrote:
<The difference between spaying a ferret in heat
and one who is not in
heat is minimal in terms of bleeding. If the
bloodwork is okay - I'd
just go ahead and spay her now. <

We did talk about that. Doc prefers to wait but
will go ahead with the spay if she doesn't come
out of heat within a week or so. I think he was
concerned about the bleeding. I'm not that
knowledgeable about these things.

Anyway...when a ferret is in heat do they lick
themselves in that area constantly or is Emma
urinating on herself? The area around her vulva
stays damp and I'm not sure if it's saliva or
urine. I guess it will clear up either way when
she is spayed but I'm curious. I can't smell

Introduced her to Da Boyz (Dillon, Chester and
Cedes) and they are having a rip roarin' time.
She is definitely a bundle of energy. I think she
even tired Dillon out and that's not an easy
feat. Moved her into their cage yesterday. All
is calm and quiet so far. Will keep her separate
cage set up since she'll be having surgery soon.

She is so cute. She has what I've heard Bill
Killian describe as a "bulldog" body, not the
typical whippet body. She is almost square, very
short and stocky. With her abundance of fur, she
looks like a sable polar bear.

I guess she's staying here <sigh>.