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Date: 2001-05-17 00:54:00 UTC
Subject: Need Help! Ferret had accident this morning!

I was hoping someone could help me. I've had my ferret for 2 months
now and
everything has been going great. That is, until this morning. We
have his
cage setup like this: it's a five story cage wrapped around a large
pen. This is where he stays. However, in the morning I take him out
for at
least 5 to 10 minutes and he runs around the living and dining room
This is also where my rabbits play, so it is completely covered with
and tubes. He runs around like crazy. Anyway, I always watch him
but somehow he mananged to get his head stuck in a paper towel roll.
literally was stuck. I made it much worse, by pulling it off of him.
I am
such an idiot. I rushed him to the bathroom and noticed that he had
around his nose. He kept making an awful crying noise. He calmed
down in a
few minutes, so I checked his mouth and teeth. Everything was fine.
There was
no blood in his mouth, just a couple of drops in his nose. He was
blowing air
out of his nose for a few minutes but then stopped. I made him drink
water and then put him back in his play area. He doesn't want to
move around
that much. He moves and then lays down. Is he in shock? Did I cause
damage? Should I take him to the vet? What could I have possibly
done? I am
feeling soooo horrible right now. Thanks for your help!