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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-02-28 00:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: baby aspirin

"Maybe some of the clinicians on the list will give us their opinions,
but while I might be tempted to use aspirin as a short term
analgesic, I tend not to use it for anti-fever properties. Remember
that fever is a natural way for the body to fight viral or bacterial
infections, and serves a useful purpose. Pathogenic bacteria and
viruses have evolved to replicate at normal body temperatures. When
the human or animal's body resets the thermostat by running a fever,
it does so as a protective mechanism to minimize further replication
of the agent."

I can't believe how close veterinary medicine is to human medicine! I am
sure a lot of the initial findings came from animal research. Not too
long ago a lot of reports were coming out about the effect of fever on
the human body, and that it has a protective effect,and probably plays a
role in the body fighting off the infection. Some good pediatric
articles came out saying that it isn't a bad thing to have a fever, and
to only worry about it if the child is uncomfortable and achy, also for
those with history of previous febrile seizures, or fevers over 104F
(rectal). Plus it is good to know why there is a fever, and for how many
days, and how high,etc.
Trying to explain that to an anxious parent in the middle of the night in
the ER is a tough one. And if the child comes back with a febrile
seizure I am sure there will be some yelling. SO, for now I think most
docs are treating the fevers, still probably too aggressively.

Baby aspirin is 81mg per chewable tab. (don't give to humans if Influenza
or chicken pox because of Reye's syndrome)

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