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From: Russell Prater
Date: 2001-05-17 06:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Ferrets & peanuts

> Ferretworld wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if peanut brittle is OK for ferrets? This is
> peanuts in a candy coating. I know there is peanut butter crunch by 8
> in 1 and my ferret used to love it but here in the UK, Customs decided
> to ban it. Its the peanuts I'm worried about in case of allergies.
> From Simon and the Ten

I wouldn't give a ferret anything with whole peanuts in it. Too much
chance for swallowing one whole and getting a blockage. Creamy or smooth
peanut butter is okay in small amounts.

Russ, Booger, Bonnie & Clyde