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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-05-17 13:17:00 UTC
Subject: New Moderator on the FHL - Troy Lynn Eckart

The staff of the FHL is proud to announce Troy Lynn Eckart has
graciously accepted and will be joining us as our newest moderator.
Troy Lynn, fondly known as tle by the online community brings with
her over 16 years of ferret experience. We are all familiar with her
from her posts on the FHL and the FML and her selfless contribution
to Mike and Rita McDowell and their case back in 1994. Her work with
LIFE (League of Independent Ferret Enthusiasts) and Ferret Family
Services, her tackling HSUS and their position on California ferrets
back in 1996. She served on the International Ferret Symposium
Committee in 2000. She founded FFS back in 87, began writing for
Ferrets and Ferrets USA around 1997 and authored a domestic ferret
informative pamphlet that has been distributed throughout the US in
1994 with information on ferrets and rabies. Wow, the list of her
contributions to the ferret community.. both in Kansas and all over
the US would take volumes, but you can plainly see how lucky we are
to have her.

Troy Lynn brings to the FHL a level head, good ferret sense and a
talent for getting things done behind the scenes. She amazes me by
managing to walk the fine line between activist and fanatic,
accomplishing for the ferrets and not hurting anyone in the process.

Let me just say I feel very lucky to have her on staff. Let's not
flood the list welcoming her, if you just have to whoop and war dance
because she is onboard (I did) then please send congratulations
directly to her and not the list.