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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-05-17 14:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Are we over vaccinating our ferrets?

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> "Could it be possible that we are unknowingly doing more harm to
> pets than good?" "When was the last time you had your 'baby'

As the president of the Jacksonville Area Ferret Fanciers Association
(say that three times fast I dare you) my personal ferrets are
exposed to the public in education and fund raising situations. If
one of my kids were to scratch or bite someone, there is no way I
would turn them over to have their head chopped off. It's emotional
blackmail, but the vaccinations really do have to be done for the
sake of the ferret.

Can you picture me and six ferrets fleeing down the interstate like
OJ simpson in a white ford bronco.. rushing from Florida to the
Canadian border being followed by news helicopters and avoiding
roadblocks. Maybe that would get enough publicity to have this issue
addressed. For now I think our biggest hope is that the dog and cat
people will bring enough pressure to bear on the drug companies that
someone will take another look at this. I need to check and see, I
think Mexico is closer than Canada.