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Date: 2001-05-17 17:36:00 UTC
Subject: More Questions PLEASE Help..Sick ferret ECE, Adrenal

Dr. Williams,

I just want to say thanks for your help.

I wrote you Help..Sick ferret ECE, Adrenal Disease, possible Insuanoma

I got the biopsy results back and thank god no cancer. When Josh was
just a year old, he became very ill. A biopsy of the
stomach/intestines was done and the results came back as Eosinophilic
Gastroenteritis. Blood test were done but the illness did not show up
in his blood. That was 5 years ago. Josh turned six in February. He
spent 2 years on Prednisone and was able to go off the medicine and
showed no symptoms. I'm afraid this could now be flaring up again.
The Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis attacks the intestinal track as well
as the ECE. After reading the data on your website regarding ECE and
Gastric Ulcer, that is Josh. He came down with ECE on October 1,
2000. I will never forget, it was the beginning of what turned out to
be several horrible months. It has been a little over 7 months and
he still has the syptoms of ECE. Three days ago Josh's stool came
out as a beige blob, Tuesday it started coming out seedy. It has
been seedy ever since. Also, my vet said during the surgery last
week, that the lymph node in Josh's intestines was swollen. It was
the only swollen lymph node he seen. He was unable to do a biopsy of
this because of problems with bleeding of the pancreas during its
biopsy. Five years ago I believe that lymph node was swollen due to
the Eosinophilic Gastoenteritis. It seems he could be getting hit
with two separate illnesses that effect the intestines plus an ulcer.
All effecting his digestive system. I spoke with my vet today and
Josh is now on Carafate. He also wanted Josh on Prednisone after the

Will the Prednisone irritate the Ulcer or Ulcers? I know I have to
give the Sulcrate alone at least 10 min before he eats or is given
any other medication. Will the Prednisone supress the Sulcrate or
will he need to be on Sulcrate longer or as long as he is on the
Prednisone? If the Eosinophilic Gastoenteritis is acting up he could
be on Prednisone a long time. The Prednisone plus putting him on Iams
kitten food saved his life as a young ferret. Will the Prednisone be
able to effectively combat both illnesses?

One of the ferrets that died when the ECE hit was BEN. At seven
months old BEN was dying. Exploratory surgery and a biopsy of the
stomach/intestines was done and the biopsy came back Eosinophilic
Colitis. Prior to the surgery the blood test showed nothing but once
BEN was critical, the blood test showed large amounts of Eosinophils
in his blood. BEN spent his entire life on Prednisone. Everytime we
tried to ween him off he became very ill but was stable as long as he
was on the Prednisone and Iams kitten food. The Prednisone kept him
alive longer after he became ill with the ECE but he continually
declined and showed no signs of getting better. I'm afraid for Josh
because of this, he continues to have problems seven months later,
steadily declining. Will having the Eosinophilic Gastoenteritis and
ECE change my ability to ween him back to health? Is there hope he
will be healthy again? I couldn't stand to lose a third ferret
because I chose to bring home another ferret. I know it isn't the ECE
alone but all these factors together that caused BEN and MEGAN's
deaths but if they hadn't gotten the ECE I would still have my
ferrets. Thanks for the information. I will do whatever it takes to
give Josh a happy healthy life as well as the other ferrets that
survived the virus.