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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-05-17 20:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: More Questions PLEASE Help..Sick ferret ECE, Adrenal

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> Dr. Williams,
> I just want to say thanks for your help.

> Will the Prednisone irritate the Ulcer or Ulcers?

Well, that depends on the dose - the smaller doses, which are often
most effective against ECE generally won't. Because of the larger
doses needed to combat EE, you may run a higher risk of potentiating
an ulcer, but once again, it is likely not to happen.

I know I have to
> give the Sulcrate alone at least 10 min before he eats or is given
> any other medication. Will the Prednisone supress the Sulcrate or
> will he need to be on Sulcrate longer or as long as he is on the
> Prednisone?

There is no interaction between Sucralfate and prednisone. Howver,
if the prednision results in worsening of the ulcer, it is likely
that the treatment time with Sucralfate will be increased.

If the Eosinophilic Gastoenteritis is acting up he could
> be on Prednisone a long time. The Prednisone plus putting him on
> kitten food saved his life as a young ferret. Will the Prednisone
> able to effectively combat both illnesses?

All I can say is that prednisone is indicated in both illness, but
its effectiveness is dependent on the dose and the severity of the
disease. However, it is certainly the first option to try.
Will having the Eosinophilic Gastoenteritis and
> ECE change my ability to ween him back to health? Is there hope he
> will be healthy again?

Well, the eosinophilic entertitis certainly complicates matters. EE
is usually considered to be a lifelong condition which can be
extremely destructive to the intestinal tract. However, it is quite
unusual that a ferret would have EE, then go off medication with no
relapse for two years. But he has responded to pred in the past, so
there is no reason to think that he would not respond again.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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