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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-05-17 22:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: adrenal disease possibilities

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Amber" <horsgrl@y...> wrote:
> is sick now also had soft fur. I am from South Carolina and
> ferrets were just made legal to sell here a few months ago. This
> means we don't have very many ferret knowledgeable vets in this
area. PLEASE
> HELP ME !! WHAT CAN I DO?? The vet that we use now thinks that my
> male may have AGD but doesn't have the equipment to test him for
> and suggests to do exploratory surgery or find a specialist but I
> don't think there are any here. PLEASE HELP thanks a million
> Amber Baker, South

Haven't petshops been selling ferret cages and giving away a free
ferret with the overpriced cage in South Carolina for as long as I
can remember. It was only illegal to sell them, not to own them. So,
I can give you a good ferret vet in Beaufort, one in Cherry Hill, one
on Hilton Head Island (if she is still in practice, I'll check first)
and one in Savannah Ga who is only about 40 minutes from Ridgeland SC
and would be my first choice. What you need to give us is the name
of the city you are in so we can get one close to you. South Carolina
is alot of territory. If Savannah is two hours or less away, Dr Bink
is worth the trip as he would be one of my first choices to do
surgery. If you are in a military town, (Beaufort, Charleston, etc.)
pick up the yellow pages. There are more ferrets on a typical Navy
base then there are cats.. probably second only to reptiles. Quiet,
easily confined, sleep during inspections.. the perfect pet for a
petless barracks LOL


Tell me a city and I'll get you a vet