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Date: 2001-05-18 06:03:00 UTC
Subject: IBD?

well after searching through the archives im still somewhat at a loss
as to the signs of IBD. Sniper is a 4-5 yr old male ferret which we
(the vet and I) thought had insulinoma but thank goodness the test
came back negative. Throughout the whole time we have been trying to
deal with that, Sniper has had seedy stools. He was treated for a
bacterial infection found via a stool sample with clydimyacin(?)and
though his diarrhea stopped the seedy stools have not.
He is now on predinsone, im not sure of the dosage but he gets 1 3/4
of a pill twice a day. This seemed to work for about a week but
Sniper has since then gone down hill with weight loss, some lethargy,
and of course seedy stools.
Well, my question is does this sound like IBD and is the only way to
find out is through biopsy? Could I be missing anything before
I "jump" to this conclusion? His last blood tests all came back
normal and he is eating well and drinking.
If anyone can help me out here I'd really appreciate it, his sudden
weight loss this week has me nervous.

hyperrat, sniper and levelor