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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-05-18 09:43:00 UTC
Subject: Post surgery litter box alteration

I just thought I'd let you know of a helpful hint for easier
litter box access after surgery. I cut down one side of the
litter box to about an inch, then covered the edge with a
small strip of an old towel, just to make it more comfortable
if the incision rubs the edge. (the cut edges were quite sharp
after modification.) I just used a hot glue gun to keep the
strip in place. Also, if your buddy likes to push the litter
box around the cage, I just use a few strips of Velcro to
fasten it to the bottom of the cage. This also works well for
food bowls, and water bowls. Happy ferret trails! Michele &
The Fur Gang