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Date: 2001-05-18 07:40:00 UTC
Subject: Update on ferret who got his head stuck in paper towel roll

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post. Within a half hour of the incident, Squeeker started to perk up. He actually wanted to play! He started eating his food and drinking some more water. I did, however, take him to the vet that afternoon. Everything was great. She said he looked fine. I think it was my nerves that were shot though. Since I reacted so fast, there really wasn't enough time to cause some problems. We still couldn't figure out why his nose was bleeding. It only happened for a little bit when I yanked the tube off of his head. I thought maybe I accidently scratched him, but we couldn't find a cut. Do ferrets have nose bleeds like people do, when they get extremely stressed out? He is definitely back to his crazy self again. I figure since he is still very young, he won't be completely traumatized. Thanks again!