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From: Coppandco
Date: 2001-02-27 21:12:18 UTC
Subject: Canadian, eh

Hi Lynda:

Thanks for the heads-up re ADV and ECE.
My ferrets have only socialized with two other groups of
ferrets - however one never knows. I will keep this
information in mind when I look after other ferrets as well as
if I bring any new ferrets into my group of grumpy old men
-(all between 4 and 6 and all but one have had adrenal
surgery.) The only female, (also 6 and post adrenal surgery)is
too good to socialize with them, rather she lives by herself
in my bedroom (quite the spoilt little queen)


Message: 25
From: "Lynda Galloway" <>

Maybe on the West Coast there is no ADV or ECE problems but I
took the questions to one of my trusted Guru's, Harley Bug's
Mom, Randy. With her permission here is her comments
" ECE is well into Canada and the experts actually
think it
originated here in our mass breeders. As for ADV it
is here in mink farms,
but i don't know of any ferrets cases. people are
very naive to think it's
not here or that it won't hit us at some point."