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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-05-18 13:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Ferret coats and adrenal (was
repeated passing of blood)

. The first thing I do with a new ferret is
smell them as I find the odor carries clues about health, diet, over-
all care. I should point out that I've always been sensitive to scent.
So, the question, anyone else noticed there is a definite adrenal smell?
Anyone else find the coat in adrenals coarser, more oiler with a coated


I am glad you wrote that because that was exactly how Bear's coat was-
I just couldn't describe it as well.
He didn't start having the hair loss until almost a year after I got him,
I always noticed his coat wasn't soft and was different from the others.
I thought at first it was something I was doing, or the diet, but
the others were soft. Right before I did take him for the adrenal
surgery I noticed the fur was oilier looking.
I took in a ferret in September and his
coat also is similar and I think he may start to have some hair loss,
and definitely dry skin. So, I started saving for his future surgery,
I hope I don't see this adrenal thing any more, but with 10 I am sure
I will see at least 3 or more, and having had the first one just a month
ago I need to be better prepared. I will go smell them
today and see if there is a difference, it would be an interesting
study- I am sure it is related to the hormones produced
by the tumor, so it makes sense to me.
Do you see any differences between females and males?

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