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Date: 2001-05-18 22:37:00 UTC
Subject: I need a little ferret help.

I have a 10 month old descented, neutered male ferret from Marshall
Farms, up until last night he seemed healthy. I got him his rabies
shot yesterday and his distemper shot will be in 3 weeks. When I got
him from the pet store they said he got the first of the distemper
shots, but none after that. I haven't taken him outside except for
yesterday, and last night he started coughing somewhat, not severly,
but it kinda scares me. He's eating and drinking well, in his usual
playfull mood. I've given him cat hairball stuff and that stops it
for a while, perhaps its his bedding that i line the bottom of his
cage with? (Yesterdays News pelleted recycled paper) He is 1/2 a
pound overweight, but he got a good checkup yesterday. Any advice? If
it sounds like a cold, what can i do for it?