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From: Rae
Date: 2001-05-19 21:42:00 UTC
Subject: My ferrret is missing a toemail!!!!!

Okey I probably sound like just the awfullest ferret mommy,
but Ive had Fiona for a bout a month and a week and I just now
clipped her back toenails today ( I clipped her front ones a
few weeks ago) and When I was clipping them I saw she's
missing her "middle finger" toenail altogether. The area isnt
swollen or red or in anyway damaged as far as I can tell but
she just doesnt have a toenail!!! is it possible that she
might have never had one? Or do you think it could have gotten
ripped out when she was playing ( we do have shag carpet) Will
this hinder her in any way, or is there something I should do?
They go to the vet on the 29th to get their rabies shots,
should I wait for my vet to double check or should I go
earlier, I feel so bad that Ididnt notice this before...
especially it was ripped out.. Plus when I was washing her, I
noticed that in a lot of places along her back the hair was
ALOT thinner than others... I cant tell that she is missing
hair when her hair is dry or anything, it was just while Iwas
washing her, is it possible that thats just shedding?? And one
more question ( I know Im full of them but im so concerned)
Where her collar is, and the bell is, there is a red mark and
it looks like a kind of rash... or maybe just sore from where
the collar is rubbing it in the one spot.. I dont know so
please help!!!!

Worried mommy Rae and her 2 fuzzbutts