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Date: 2001-05-20 08:31:00 UTC
Subject: Sick Ferret

I have two ferrets and both seemed very healthy. They are 2-3 years
of age. They have always had healthy appetites, until recently. A few
weeks ago I went away on business for 10 days and a neighbor took
care of my animals and house (he has done so for years). When I
returned, I immediately went to greet my little guys and was shocked
that the male had lost at least half his body weight. The next day I
took him to the vet: he weighed 2.5 lbs (if I remember correctly).
She said he appeared well hydrated and that there was some stool in
the digestive tract. In the intervening week, though, his weight has
dropped more. He played with the other ferret yesterday and seems
alert when I touch him and interact with him. But he does not seem to
be drinking or eating anything at all now. There do not appear to be
any other symptoms, such as discharge from the eyes, etc. He
occasionally sneezes or coughs, but he mostly sleeps right now. I
cleaned the cage yesterday and there is surprisingly little stool in
there this morning, which may suggest that the female is now not
eating the way she should be. Does anyone have any ideas about what
may be going on here? I do not feel good about this. I am planning to
make some Duck Soup to see whether he will take any of that. I will
probably also arrange an emergency appointment with the vet today.