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From: A. Abate/C. Kinsey
Date: 2001-05-20 11:25:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] ProPlan Turkey Barley Nutrition Info

There is a specific treatment for the eosinophilic form of enteritis which
I got from a vet text. There are three forms of enteritis and each requires
a special protocol. We got nowhere with the many antibiotics we used until
we found this article which listed the specific treatment for this form.
Then we got a full recovery. One thing that is important, in addition, is
don't use A/D on ferrets, especially those with delicate stomachs. It is
just too rich for them and adds to the problem. This isn't part of the
treatment protocol, but it's a common diet recommendation by vets, and
stopping the use of it causes an improvement right away. It's better to
soak your regular dry ferret food, puree until smooth, add water as needed,
whole eggs, vitamins. This rarely causes stomach upset, and then you can
get on to the treatment. We sent the protocol to a dying ferret in Oregon
and he was dancing again in two days. We can also provide you with that
owner's email. She thought it was a miracle but all it is, is good
Carolyn at Ferret Rescue in Colorado Springs