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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-05-20 12:29:00 UTC
Subject: Need Vet Referals

Pam Sessoms has once again come forward and volunteered to put
together the information you send in, into something we can all use.
This time its your recommendations of a good ferret vet we are
looking for.

I specifically need one in Ormond Beach Florida and Newnan GA.

In addition to those two please send in the Clinic, Dr, City, State
or province and phone number for your ferret vet if you think he or
she is awesome. Pam will collect them from the list.

Vets, please plug yourselves and your clinic. If you care enough to
spend your personal time reading and answering questions on this
list, you are the top of my vet list!!!

Thanks Pam. I owe you one!