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Date: 2001-05-20 09:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Gentamician for a prolapsed rectum? PLEASE READ

As an advocate for dear ferrets, I am extremely concerned here.
Gentamycin, gentamicin, or "Gentacin".... should never be used with ferrets.
Why? Because it is known to cause deafness!! I don't want to panic
anyone...well ok I do... this is upsetting and scary to me. But with other
antibiotics/meds available for treatment of various conditions ferrets may
get, one should never opt for this med.
This medicine is also used only in certain dosages, and administered only
in specific ways to other animals as last resorts for various conditions.
There was even an episode on ER about how a main characters son became deaf
from usage of this antibiotic on his child (which should never be done).


Please visit:
for information on ferret deafness: