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Date: 2001-05-20 10:36:00 UTC
Subject: 19 nailed ferret

I too have a ferret minus one toenail. I noticed a bit earlier on
that you
(before I bought her) - and she was very very young. SO I know that
happened before I got her, but I didn't know if somethign happened
to her.
Almost 5 years later, still no I guess we have to
very special
ferrets who were blessed by giving their mommies one less nail to
clip. The
funny thing about my Chloe is that she also has a crimp in the very
end of
her tail. The vet things that maybe something happened to her like
she got
stuck before I got her but in all this time it has cause me and her
no just takes a few less seconds to cut nails :-)
Good luck with your 19 nailed ferret.

Amy, Winnie, Chloe and Connor


Amy Isenberg
Assitant Environmental Health Specialist
(845) 364-3475