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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-20 16:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: vomiting ferret

Karen wrote:
>My Plunkett, he is a 14 week old Marshall Farm baby. He makes the
>cutest hissing noises when he plays, but sometimes when he gets over
>excited, he makes little gagging sounds. Ysterday, while we were
>playing, he threw up. Not very much, and when I looked through the
>cage and all the areas the ferrets play in, there wasn't vomit
>anywhere else. He hasn't been sick again since, but I am going to
>run him by my vet anyway. I was just wondering if they are like us
>in the regards that sometimes we just need to vomit to get something
>out of our system, or if there is something I should worry about.
>Any advice would be very welcome.

It won't hurt to get him checked since he's due for a regular check
and some vaccinations around now, too, so I expect that you have an
appointment in the schedule, but it's not too unusual for kits to get
themselves so excited that they gag, also not too unusual for them to
shed and swallow (and gag on) a baby tooth, or to try a bit of
dust-bunny out for taste, or too eat food too fast. If it's not
happening a lot or at all violently then that may be the sort of
thing that you are encountering. Yes, they will also vomit with some