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From: alicia
Date: 2001-05-20 17:27:00 UTC
Subject: sick ferrets

I went through the same type of situation once too. DH and I
were going on our honeymoon a few years back and we boarded
the ferrets for 10 days. It was even at a ferret shelter.
When I would call they would tell me all is well. We got back
and they were all 3 not eating and thinner. Two of them lost
a whole pound each. I was so very upset to see them this way
as I'm sure you were too with your 2!!! Well, duck soup
helped but one of them just wasn't even eating that. So,
after a trip to the vet she realized that this one had what
seemed like ulcer conditions. We were trying .7-1cc of pepto
bismal and then waiting 1/2 to feed him. He wasn't getting
better about eating so she prescribed a liquid human ulcer RX
of some kind. We would give that to him just like we would
the pepto. That did the trick. I wish I knew what it was
called, it was syrupy like and orange or red in color.

I hope this helps and sending get well soon hugs to your 2.
Alicia with the gang of 4