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Date: 2001-05-20 13:44:00 UTC
Subject: What's difference between ECE and heliocobacter and the
other intestinal stuff

> Hi Dr. Williams and everyone else
> I have a couple of puzzling questions and I wondered if you could
shed some
> light here. First of all what is the difference between
heliocobacter (sp?)
> and ECE and is the treatment the same. How can you really
distinguish one
> from the other? For that matter the same question goes for IBD-EE-
IBS and
>'s just so confusing-I guess the answer is Biopsy???
but what's
> involved in that procedure and is it risky for a six yr. old
ferret?? What
> exactly has to be biopsied???
> Second question about worms- you had said tapeworms can look like
rice in the
> stool by any chance could they look like the seeds found in the
> What treatment should be taken for a ferret with seedy poops with a
> of probably ECE?
> Thanks
> Christina