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From: Susan D.
Date: 2001-05-20 19:25:00 UTC


Zeus went from a 2.1 lb wiry ferret to 513 grams (1.1 lb). It started in
April. He has had two trips to the vet. He has been on Clavamox pills,
then Clavamox liquid and High-Cal. He had a barium x-ray and everything was

After the two visits, I read on the lists that some ferrets can lose up to a
pound seasonally. But there are other subtle changes; he has always been
the most fastest energetic ferret. I could never hold him for a second.
Now he sits in my arms. He lets me clean his ears with no resistance at
all. He sleeps a lot more and has less energy. He was my plexi-glass
jumper. He splashed water out of every ferret and cat water bowl. He isn't
running, jumping, splashing, or playing with the others.

I have seen no seizures, no hind end weakness. I have separated him from
the others and am going to monitor his poop. He was in a room with several
other ferrets, and I've never seen anything weird/unusual. I have noticed
that when he pees, it's very little.

The only different things to have happened are 1) he had an abscessed tooth
removed in December (and has been fine with no problems); and 2) a mate died
this past month (however, I have several ferrets, so I don't know how much
the death may contribute towards mourning/depression?).

Tonight I was feeding him chicken baby food, which he eats. I heard him
grind his teeth, and about halfway thru he went a little beserk rubbing his
face on the carpet. I checked his teeth/mouth and see no signs of
infection, but there is a lot of tartar build-up.

I found this in the archives: Tooth grinding is a sign of abdominal pain,
and gastric ulcers are by far the most common cause. Not all ulcers result
in total anorexia, but they may. It seems as if it might have been worse
back in March, but many ulcers do tend to wax and wane.

Do I just keep feeding him baby food and monitor his output, or is there
some other test I can take him to my vet for? He is extremely bony, so I
don't know if getting blood is possible? Oh, and he is eating. I see him
eat the regular dry food.

I don't know how much weight for him to lose before it is alarming. If
losing a pound for seasonal reasons is normal, then he's "normal". He has
NEVER been this thin before, nor had seasonal weight loss.

Thank you for any ideas anyone can provide.
Susan D.
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