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From: Rhea Fulmer
Date: 2001-02-28 12:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Bones is gone...

I, too, have lost a ferret this week, little Cocoa,
due to an accident. She was our third to lose in less
than 3 years. I had a similar situation to yours with
my precious Squirt about a year ago after two
surgeries and countless trips to the vet. I still
miss him terribly! You are in my prayers.....


--- Micaela <micaela@g...> wrote:
> My ferret Bones passed away Sunday night a little
> after 11pm. He was eight years old,& he was my first
> ferret. I got him when he was just a kit, when I was
> 16 yrs old. Bones & I have been through allot
> together, he gave me 8 years of love, laughs,
> happiness & company. He loved to go outside on his
> harness & snorkel in the grass. He loved plastics
> bags, emptying purses (& curling up & sleeping in
> them) , he was the champion of cup tipping- he could
> smell Mnt. Dew a mile away. When he was about 2 his
> favorite game was to trap me in the kitchen ( at the
> time it was just me & Bones in a little apt,) run at
> me , jump as high up my legs as he could & slide
> down! He knew I had nowhere to run!
> He had been more active than usual this last
> month, showing no signs of problems.He was out in
> the living room with me allot,
> he liked to be out of the ferret room & to run
> around the house because he was always a free roam
> ferret (until ferret math hit).
> He suddenly started having problems walking Sunday ,
> & progressively got worse through the day, he would
> only eat small amounts of the chicken baby food/
> pedialyte. He perked up a little for the ferretone (
> his favorite) but didn't really lick my hand clean
> like usual.
> . He passed away in my arms. I was happy that I
> was holding him , & that it didn't happen while I
> wasn't.
> It took me a couple days to write this, I just
> couldn't find the right words before, this is my
> first time to lose a ferret, I've been with Bones
> longer than I ever had a pet before.
> I will miss my Bones, & all the ferrets will miss
> him, they have been looking for him, especially
> Snow.
> ~Micaela~
> ~Snow~Cleo~Zeus~
> ~Sammy & Dito~
> ~missing Bones~

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