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From: MGILists-VA
Date: 2001-05-20 18:37:00 UTC
Subject: Suggestions on getting ferret to eat??

Our 7-year-old ferret Max just had his teeth cleaned a week
ago. Before that, he had been eating 2 cubes of duck soup 2x
day, to keep his weight up (which it did!!). Max had shown
signs of insulinoma in the winter, but we determined that the
reason he got so thin then and wasn't eating was because of
the infected tooth he had, plus the gingivitis and mouth

So I put him on duck soup until Dr. XXXXX opened his new
practice and then had the teeth taken care of. However, Max
still won't eat any solid food, unless they're tartar control
cat treats. Dr. XXXXX doesn't want him on a soft diet, because
he's absolutely the picture of health, and this is not a
long-term nutritional fix for him. His gums are now beautiful
and pink, the infection (and problem tooth are gone), and the
mouth ulcer is all but gone.

I have purchased the Totally Ferrets for older ferrets on the
advice of a few people, to see if he'll eat that, but until it
arrives, can anyone suggest ways to get him weaned back on
kibble? He's getting way too much sugar and not enough of the
stuff he needs with duck soup, but I fear he is SPOILED!! :)

Any advice is welcome.

Amy, Dave, Sarah & Paul
(and their gaggle of giggling ferrets)
RIP Ian, Elektra, Claudia & Sidney